OpenIG 3.0 Released!

As the world moves from traditional IAM to Identity Relationship Management (IRM), focusing more on consumer-facing services, we need tools to increase velocity, facilitate the development of mobile and cloud services, and make life easier for end users.

We’re proud to announce the new major release of the ForgeRock Open Identity Gateway (OpenIG 3.0) that addresses the needs of IRM and helps protect access to APIs and applications more quickly and consistently. Focusing on a pure standards-based approach and built with OpenIG open source project 100% open source code, the new OpenIG excels for three main use cases.

The first one is about ensuring everything is integrated into one platform so you can create that single view of the customer. Say an existing application has its own authentication mechanism and needs to integrate into the Enterprise SSO and/or Federation service. The built-in support for SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect combined with a very flexible password capture and replay allows for the integration of any application without requiring any modifications.

The second use case addresses a typical IRM scenario. Leveraging the new OpenID Connect standard, OpenIG 3.0 can be configured to let consumers select their Identity Provider of choice to securely access services, and removes the burden of storing and managing user passwords from application developers. This also speeds time-to-market for deploying those applications, while offering a consistent and uniform authentication and authorisation layer.

The final use case is about machine-to-machine communication and API access. By integrating the OAuth 2.0 standard and acting as a resource provider, OpenIG controls access to APIs and services through secure tokens. Those tokens can be granted to applications or developers by OpenAM administrators or other OAuth 2.0 Identity Providers.

ForgeRock Open Identity Gateway 3.0 is available today as a standalone product, when solely relying on well-known social networks. It continues to be available as an optional module of ForgeRock OpenAM, the all-in-one access management solution.

For more information, check out the OpenIG product page on, or head to our downloads page to get started.

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