The care and feeding of online relationships

I’m really excited to join ForgeRock! ForgeRock is doing amazing work around identity relationship management, and relationships — secure, identity-enabled, privacy-respecting, data-sharing, network-connected — are near and dear to my heart. (You didn’t think I was talking about Tinder, did you?)

My new role involves driving innovation for the ForgeRock Open Identity Stack, and in just a few short days I’ve already had mind-blowing conversations with my new colleagues about ways we can enable and enhance lots of types of relationships through the OIS. For one, take Scott McNealy’s invocation of “who’s who, what’s what, and who gets access to what” — we know it applies to organizations needing to control access; of course, it’s critically important to every organization to achieve this goal. We’re working on extending this privilege even to consumers who use systems fueled by ForgeRock, so that these individuals have a say in their own digital-footprint destinies. (Admittedly, a Tinder-like use case did come up in discussions today…) For those of you who have followed my work on User-Managed Access for while, yes, UMA will play a part in this story.

Having jumped in with both feet, I’m getting some chances to represent ForgeRock at events in the very near term. For starters, I’ll be speaking at SecureCIO in San Francisco this Friday, and will have the pleasure of joining my colleague Allan Foster for a talk at the Cloud Identity Summit next week. And then there’s our July 29 webinar with my alma mater Forrester Research about adding relationship management to identity — hope you’ll register and join us!

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